1. Meet

Choose a boy or girl you want to sponsor.

2. Change a life

Your monthly contributions will give your sponsored child the chance to grow up safely with great health and education.

3. Combine

Your contributions will be combined with those of other sponsors so that all the children benefit.

4. Correspond

Correspond with your child through letters and pictures (Only if you want) receive regular updates and even arrange to visit if you like.

5. Smile

You`ve made the world a better place!!

Frequently Asked Sponsorship Questions at Saint Ann Foundation

Why should I sponsor a child through Saint Ann Foundation?

Because together, we can make a real difference! If you’re considering sponsorship, you already want to help change lives. Sponsorship makes it possible for you to give vulnerable children fuller lives and better futures. You’ll see the transformation for yourself through regular updates while you build an enjoyable personal connection with a child who needs you

What makes Saint Ann Foundation’s approach unique?

We approach things differently, focusing on initiating change from the outside in. Forming long-term partnerships with everyone who impacts a child’s life, whether it be members of their family, community, nation, the wider world, or generous sponsors like you. We also transform a child’s world using an inside-out approach—empowering children at the grassroots level to be active participants and change makers in their own lives. This unique two-pronged approach has been proven to have an effective and long-lasting impact on vulnerable children, whether or not they are directly sponsored.

Will my sponsorship contributions go directly to one child?

Sponsored children do not receive direct cash benefits. While each Saint Ann Foundation Child Sponsor is connected with one child, we make the most of your donations by pooling funds to invest in long-term community development programmes to transform whole areas. By doing this we know that for every child you sponsor, four more children directly benefit too.

What does my sponsorship mean to my sponsored child?

As a sponsor, a child’s hope, happiness, and confidence is in your hands: your help provides a better life and transforms their future in ways they didn’t think possible.

How is my sponsorship donation used?

Your donations are used to meet the greatest needs of your sponsored child’s community. It could be education, performing Arts, nourishing food, better healthcare, shelter or safe water. By donating, you also help keep children safe while getting them ready to participate in shaping their own future.

To effectively combat child vulnerability, it’s important to deal with both symptoms and causes—your support is what enables us to overcome these barriers and help children reach their natural given potential.

What does it mean to be a Saint Ann Foundation Child Sponsor?

  • Experience the joy of helping your sponsored child live a fuller, happier, healthier and safer life.
  • For every child you sponsor, four more children in the same area directly benefit, too
  • You can build a personal connection with a vulnerable child who really needs you, and even travel to visit them.
  • Throughout our partnership we provide frequent updates, photos, and videos so you can follow all the changes as they take place.
  • And, if you choose to, there are many ways for you to get involved and help improve the world for these children.

How are children chosen for sponsorship?

The families who receive our help are the ones who need it the most. Sponsored children are carefully chosen by people who know them best – local Saint Ann Foundation staff and their own community members. At Saint Ann Foundation respecting the rights of parents is important to us. That’s why parents and caregivers are the only people who are allowed to register a child for sponsorship, and their involvement continues throughout all program participation.

What is Saint Ann Foundation Child Sponsorship?

Your participation in Saint Ann Foundation’s Child Sponsorship program is essential to granting children, families and entire communities a path to a better future.
Our proven, unique approach is fueled by your sponsorship. Your help enables us to provide positive, lasting impact to communities by focusing on the root causes of poverty and injustice.

How does my sponsored child benefit?

  • Your sponsored child will experience a fuller, happier, healthier and safer life.
  • Regular monitoring lets us check their progress and intervene appropriately when necessary.
  • Your messages bring them hope and happiness, and learning to read those messages increases their skills and builds confidence.
  • It’s not only their physical safety—we provide the safe, nurturing space for them to explore, develop and grow spiritually.
  • Their hopes and dreams become a reality as they watch their community transform into a healthier and safer place.

What does my $30 a month do?

We pool monthly sponsorship donations for maximum impact in each community. You’ll help your child and other vulnerable children in the community with life-changing things like: Access to Education, food, Performing Arts, shelter and Health care and many more.

How does Saint Ann Foundation Child Sponsorship work?

First, parents and caregivers in Saint Ann Foundation programme areas register children to be sponsored. Then Saint Ann Foundation connects you with a child who needs your help. As that child’s only sponsor, you will have many opportunities to build a relationship with them.

Your monthly donations become part of a powerful collective fund capable of permanently transforming your sponsored child’s community into a place that offers them the future they deserve.

Empowered Children, girls & women, Transformed communities

Change a child`s life by changing their whole community, so they can enjoy a future full of hope. You sponsor one child but help many.