Our Story

Saint Ann Foundation (SAF) is a 501C3 nonprofit organization under IRS that makes all donations to us tax-deductible. Our Tax ID Number is: 83-0562651 in US and Company limited by guarantee and NGO under NGO Act 2016 in Uganda. SAF was established for purposes of improving lives of impoverished and vulnerable children, adolescent girls and young women (AGYW).This means that when you make a contribution to us, you are eligible for a deduction when you file your taxes. SAF implements the following programs; Early Childhood Development, SRHR, Culture, Arts and Sports, Child Protection and Rights, Health, Water and Sanitation Food Security and Nutrition, Adolescent girls and Young women and Disability Inclusion.

About the Founder

Saint Ann Foundation was founded in 2016 by Abel Robert Ssekayombya who was raised by his Auntie Ann Muyingo after being orphaned at the age of 8 years. Abel had been a product of a teenage pregnancy, her mother having conceived him at the age of 14 years. To this end ABEL didn’t grow up with his mother and was given under the care of his paternal auntie aforementioned.

Abel was not the only child under Ann’s care: over the years she took-in other 20 children from her relatives most of whom had succumbed to HIV/AIDS. Using her meagre resources Abel’s Auntie had to work hard to provide for the 20 children under her care many times resorting to acquiring soft loans and many times like you would expect her property was often impounded.

During his childhood Abel knew poverty and poverty knew him; he started school quite later than his siblings, often missing classes during the school term as his Auntie couldn’t not afford to pay his school fees and materials on time.

In 2015 after many years of a hard life but with determination to overturn the trajectory, Abel earned his B.A in Social Sciences at Makerere University. The university degree came with many realizations for Abel; first the realization that he had to do something for the many other children in Uganda and the world who were undergoing a similar experience like he had gone through.

Therefore building on the legacy of his Auntie, He established the “Saint Ann Foundation”, to promote her legacy of supporting Orphans and Vulnerable children(OVCs)(CWDs, Orphans, SGBV) through educational, skills Development, Art for social change, sport and health programmes, with a special emphasis on girls, and young women in need because they are often the most vulnerable.

The SAF was officially registered as a Non-Profit Company and NGO in 2017 with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and National Non-Government Organization Bureau and in the USA with Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: Saint Ann Foundation (SAF) envisions a world where children are nurtured and loved, given the necessary support they need to live life to their full potential, rescuing them from extreme poverty, deprivation and where adolescent girls and young women have the opportunity to actively contribute to their communities.

Motto: Empowered Children, transformed communities.

Mission: We exist to promote a coordinated effort aimed at the efficient acquisition and use of resources in order to enhance the welfare of children, adolescent girls and young women.

Our Children

Currently our school has 6 grade levels ranging from children of 2 years to 9 years old. All children learn literacy, basic mathematics, and Christian Religious Education (CRE). We plan to expand in the near future to ensure our students can continue their education after primary 3 up to primary 7 (ages 12-13). After completion of primary 7, students will be funded through SAF to continue onto high school and college/university.


Child Focused.

Children are the top priority and we ensure they receive the best possible care and support. Our caregivers and we enable our team to thrive. We respect all our stakeholders and treat them as equals.


We are passionate about achieving our bold mission. We move with urgency and focus on achieving scale. We continually find new ways to work and to solve problems.


We are open and direct in our communications. We are honest in our interactions. No funny business. Collaboration, not competition. We do not compete with other child focused organizations. We welcome their contributions to achieving our mission and partner with them whenever possible.

Empowered Children, transformed communities.