About Saint Ann Foundation (SAF)

Saint Ann Foundation (SAF) is an indigenous Ugandan nonprofit organization and 501(C3) in US under Internal Revenue Service (IRS), that makes all donations tax-deductible. Our EIN: 83-0562651. SAF is a Company limited by guarantee and NGO under NGO Act 2016 in Uganda, operating in peri-urban (underprivileged slum areas) and in hard-to-reach rural communities of Uganda, with a special focus on availing life opportunities to the underprivileged and marginalized in society.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Saint Ann Foundation (SAF) envisions a world where children are nurtured, loved, and given the necessary support they need to live life to their full potential, rescuing them from extreme poverty and deprivation, and where girls and women have the opportunity to actively contribute to their communities.

Our Mission: We exist to promote a coordinated effort aimed at the efficient acquisition and utilization of resources in order to enhance the welfare of children, girls, and women.

Our Programs

Disability Inclusion

One billion people (15 percent of the world’s population) experience some form of disability ...

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Climate Action

Climate change is already impacting health in a myriad of ways, including death and illness...

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Access to clean and safe water in hard-to-reach areas is a nightmare. To address this challenge,...

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Child Protection and Rights

We believe that children and young people can play a significant role as agents of transformation...

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Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Violence against women and girls is a fundamental human rights violation, affecting around...

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We focus our attention on promoting healthy lifestyles through promoting preventive...

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Food Security and Nutrition

SAF is Mobilizing and sensitizing households on the significance of having enough food...

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Livelihood and Enterprise Development (LED)

Women and girls in island areas of Uganda are marginalized because of their inability to access...

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Education and Life Skills

Providing quality education to children in marginalized communities is our flagship program...

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Empowered Children, girls & women, Transformed communities.

Looking for the future with a smile.

We believe children can change the world.

Volunteer With Us

SAF offers a variety of different projects, so whether you are a student or professional, you will be able to find a program in a field that will match your interest, experience or studies. Our volunteer programs are safe, reliable, hands-on and affordable with high-quality service guaranteed. Find out which program is right for you!

Our Approach

Our partnership model is an effective approach that leverages the strengths of each partner, while maintaining collaboration and transparency. Through a grassroots approach, our development programs are implemented in consultation with the local/beneficiary community to identify the needs they want to address, utilizing their existing resources, knowledge, skills and materials. We seek to build local capacity by empowering beneficiaries to become responsible for their own development so as to ensure sustainable impact from our interventions.