Mindset Change

The greatest percentage of households in island areas depend on fishing as a source of livelihood. However, operations to rid freshwater lakes of illegal fishing have seen households descending into abject poverty. This has necessitated the implementation of activities that are geared towards reorienting the mindset of target beneficiaries to embrace alternative means of production such as agriculture, hairdressing, and tailoring, as well as creating awareness among the locals to appreciate the advantages of empowering women and the girl child. Our mindset program is implemented through mindset change workshops and monthly community sensitization and awareness campaigns with the aim of reorienting the mindset of the residents, as well as sensitizing them about the dangers of violence, marginalization, and discrimination against women and the girl child. This aims at breaking the highly entrenched and exploitative system of patriarchy that has been singled out as a key impediment to women and girl child emancipation and independence.

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