Abel Robert Ssekayombya


He is the founder of the Saint Ann Foundation and Executive Director. As the principal of the organization, he passionately drives the charity towards a better future for those in need. With a heart and passion for supporting vulnerable children, girls, women, and their families, He is a strong team player and draws on local and international relationships in order to work together to provide the best support network possible. His sense of humanity and deeper connection with the struggles of daily life in a third-world country are contrasted by his individuality, humor, and zest for life itself, seeing the beauty and potential in whoever he meets.

International Team

Diane E. Phillips

Diane chose the Saint Ann Foundation after being introduced to the the organization’s founder, Abel Robert. “At age twenty-six, Abel has already established himself as an incredibly gifted and impressive community developer and national leader. Abel was himself an orphan, then worked his way through college and started the Saint Ann Foundation as a mechanism for supporting those in need throughout his national community.”

Diane emphasized, “his story is incredibly inspiring. Abel has sacrificed so much of his time, energy and talents to give back to the women and children in these rural communities.” The Saint Ann Foundation is still a relatively small organization, and when it came time to choose a program to stand behind and support in 2017, she said, “We need to make this happen.”

Celeste Richmond

I came to know Saint Ann Foundation through my friend Diane E. Phillips in 2017. My mission is to help people be the one in their family to break generational curses of poverty and to provide access to entrepreneurship through purpose driven nutrition.

Gwen Sadler

Tara Sadler

I was introduced to Saint Ann Foundation for 3 hours on a volunteer trip in December 2019. During my introduction with Robert, I met a little girl, Jane, and we became inseparable during my short time at the center. Robert explained the foundation’s mission, and I was immediately drawn in to help. Since visiting SAF, I have decided to sponsor Jane until she graduates from High School. I have become more involved throughout the years and was named CEO of the United States chapter in May of 2021. I hope to continue to help SAF grow and achieve our mission of empowering impoverished women and children in Uganda!

Jake Minniear

I became involved in SAF through Tara. Her passion towards the foundation encouraged me to learn more about their mission, and I have since become involved in helping to raise funds to provide the children at SAF centers with nutrition and clothing. I hope to continue to help SAF grow!

Uganda Team

MR. BUKULU Denis Paul Perry

Denis has over 20 years of experience in the education, social, and private sector fields. He is the Founder and Director of Guild Engineering Company Limited and Director of Springing Stars Schools in Uganda, also has wide experience in the banking sector, especially Centenary Bank Uganda Limited.


Entrepreneurship Coach

Certified International Labour Organisation trainer (ILO) on Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB), and Gender Entrepreneurship- Together (GET – Ahead) Programs. I have experience in working with adolescent youth and women in entrepreneurship, enterprise development, and mentoring in Northern, Eastern, and Central Uganda.


Hellen is a consultant in law, human rights, and gender providing consultancy services to various entities including a current assignment with the Springing Stars as the Managing director. She is a budding entrepreneur. She has a wealth of experience in private law practice and corporate, multinational, and non-government agencies. She is a Ford Scholar and a graduate of the Leadership Development Program of the Female Future Program.

​Hellen has served on various boards for both companies and non-profit organizations, including the Rotary Club of Kampala, where she provides legal expertise and has held various leadership positions. She is passionate about the promotion of children, girls, and women’s rights.

MR. KIZZA Samuel

Co-Founder of Hilopoa Technologies, instrumental in leading data warehousing, business intelligence, and Power BI visualization efforts. His entrepreneurial spirit and technical prowess have driven the success of web application development, ERP integrations, and API development projects. He has a strong background in effectively managing data and turning it into valuable insights for organizations. He has led teams of data professionals, utilizing his analytical skills.

He is adept at developing and deploying web and mobile applications, creating and maintaining data pipelines, and designing user-friendly data visualizations. His ability to identify data analysis needs and work with SQL queries has been instrumental in driving business development and strategy.

His technical expertise extends to telecom engineering, where he customized and supported applications, monitored system performance, and resolved technical issues to ensure smooth operations.