Child Protection and Rights

We believe that children and young people can play a significant role as agents of transformation with the capability to engage in decision-making, in accordance with their evolving capacities and gradually increasing autonomy. When children and young people learn to communicate opinions, take responsibility and make decisions, they develop a sense of belonging, justice, responsibility and solidarity. We believe a world without violence against children is possible, and we know that being safe and secure drives children’s sense of well-being. This explains our endeavor to make sure children are safe, in line with our commitment to creating lasting change for them.

We are always in search of new frontiers for child and youth participation. In line with enhancing our understanding and practice of participation and representative voice, we have developed a strategic direction for child and youth participation to improve our ways of working, defining new goals, and overcome new challenges in child and youth participation.

Empowered Children, girls & women, Transformed communities