Education and Life Skills

Providing quality education to children in marginalized communities is our flagship program. We work hard to ensure education is accessible to children ages 3-5 for Early Childhood Development (ECD), ages 6-12 at the Primary level, 13-18 years in High School, and above for vocational/college/University through sponsorship. Saint Ann Foundation runs two ECD Centers in the communities of Busega and Kasangati courtesy of the generosity of our donors. Our ECD education program is designed following a high-quality curriculum developed within the Ugandan ECD framework, which involves a play-based, theme-based, activity-based, and projects/inquiry-based approach, and emergent curriculum, following general sequential and interrelated patterns across domains of cognitive, physical, social and emotional Child development, that enables us to build our learners’ decision-making competencies by helping them learn life skills including critical and analytical thinking. Teaching civic sense is also an integral part of the program, which molds them into productive members of society.

Formal education aside, we also focus on Life Skills-Based Education, especially for the youth/adolescents. This is implemented with the aim of enabling them to establish their emotional and psychological independence, as well as helping them understand and manage their sexuality while paving the way to fight for their space in society. Adolescence is a complex yet fascinating phase of life characterized by vigor, valor, and vitality, and hence requires guidance and direction to make healthy and informed choices. Therefore, the values and skills that we transmit to our beneficiaries during this time are deliberately crafted to critically shape and positively impact their lives as well as the future of society in the immediate and long term.

Empowered Children, girls & women, Transformed communities